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The first two hours of attorney time in almost any legal matter are always worth it.
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I have an MBA in Finance and had significant practical as well as academic experience with strategic cost analysis and planning as well as accounting and statistical methods.

I try to put myself in the place of your CFO, always looking at legal fees as an expense that has to be justified by an increase in assets or reduction in liability. I view even complex litigation as essentially transactional, an economic activity that should always focus on results. We sue for money, not emotional vindication. More importantly, communication with the CEO and other appropriate staff should be on an ASAP basis. I employ the most modern client communication technology, giving access to my time records and the ability to schedule calls directly to clients through encrypted, private links. Your time is important to me.

About Business Law Services

Attorney Michael Mahon offers a wide variety of business law services, including:

  • Ownership Structures and Capital Stack – A variety of different business ownership structures are available in California. S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, Serial LLC, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Laddered Equity, Venture Debt, Convertible Debentures, Preferred Shares, Convertible Preferred, Dilution Protection, Liquidation Preference, Participating Convertible Preferred, Redeemable Preferred, Options: each of these structures offers different advantages. Michael Mahon can help you compare each of your options and choose the structure that works best for your company.
  • Business Formation – Michael Mahon can help you explore different business structures, choose the option that is best for you, and complete all of the necessary paperwork successfully.
  • Business Planning – Planning a successful business is complicated, but Michael Mahon can help with every aspect of the planning process, including business strategy, customer relations, risk management, restructuring, expansion, and more.
  • Succession Planning – Succession planning is essential to ensure the ongoing vitality of any business. Michael Mahon can help you create a solid plan to protect the future of your company.
  • Business-to-Business Negotiation – Whether you are negotiating a real estate contract or a merger, Michael Mahon will make sure your interests are effectively represented.
  • Collections–You need to be paid for your goods and services. You suspect your last invoice or demand letter did not even make it out of the envelope? Almost everyone responds to a lawsuit, and everyone responds to a judgment.

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As an experienced business attorney providing services in Sacramento, Michael Mahon is the ideal choice for any client who needs to form a new business, engage in succession planning, negotiate with another business or handle any other complex business-related legal issue. To schedule a consultation or learn more, please contact the Law Office of Michael D. Mahon today.

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