Sacramento Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Transactional Work

I have a unique perspective having practiced real estate law for nearly two decades and having been involved in large, complex transactions since the very beginning of my practice. My first work out of law school was closing escrow on dozens of gas stations, highly complex escrows involving subsurface environmental problems, liquor licenses, complex inventory sales, bulk sales, existing leases, PMPA dealers, and business licenses in over a dozen jurisdictions. Later, I was involved in complex financing and sales of other significant assets, such as large, multi-tenant Class A office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings. I have worked with clients buying assets with a current lis pendens, assets with boundary line issues, assets with bad title for a variety of reasons, and assets with a number of other challenges.I also have direct experience as the listing and selling broker in multi-million dollar transactions.

Other Real Property Experience

In addition to transactional work, I have experience in eminent domain, encroachment, nuisance, broker defense, broker complaints, trust deeds, mortgages (two-party instruments, i.e. no trustee), judicial foreclosure, non-judicial foreclosure, purchasing trust deeds and later foreclosing, receivers, involuntary bankruptcy, commercial and residential unlawful detainer (eviction), and construction defects, both latent and patent. I would be honored to discuss your real estate needs confidentially or to answer any questions you may have. I have a UC Davis MBA in Finance and would be happy to lend both legal and financial talents to your next transaction.

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